Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Another success story from our team, Green Leaders Group, ex-CFO from the corporate world, turned to mumpreneur and full time business woman. 

Congrats to CDM Jasmin Halim & Amar!!

If an ex-CFO also doing this business to achieve TIME & FINANCIAL freedom, why not us .. In our team, 80% are from professional background, including engineers, accountants, bankers, doctors, lecturers & many more .. 

I'm so proud to be in this Green Leaders Group & proud to be in this business :)

Another step closer to achieve the highest rank in this business, like CDM Jasmin, CDM Sha Khalid & CDM Hanis Haizi ;) 

Chaiyok bakal CDM Shaliza Aziz!!

Being accountants, cars are like investment for "besi buruk". Always a liability, hence for every money we earn, we prefer to stretch it for properties. But we love to enjoy the fast n furious life too, alhamdulillah with our financials uplift, this is the result! Afterall this will be our asset generating vehicle for the next property! Eagles, let's fetch our dreams!!! - CDM  Jasmin Halim

Uolss pun boleh achieve macam ni in just 1 year ++ .. Coz we have the right group with the right strategy .. 

Let's be part of us today!!

Green Leaders Group


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