Dear Hanis Haizi CHANEL PARTY

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Last Sunday we have another celebration .. Under GLAM (Green Leaders Academy Malaysia) memang selalu ada celebration .. Memang happening :) This time to celebrate the winner for "Dear Hanis Haizi" contest .. 

The contest is actually open to all her followers, especially bloggers .. Hanis Haizi memang bloggers tegar, dah 7 tahun gitu .. From blog also she transform from plain housewife become successful business woman .. Just imagine all the prizes are Chanel goodies .. Seriously jeles tau ;) 

The event held at Platinum Movie Suite Lounge, Cathay Cineplex, e@curve. and estimated around 150 guests which mostly are bloggers were there for the celebration .. Memang happening sangat2 coz everyone were dress up in Chanel theme .. Not only ladies but also guys, memang semua sporting habis :)

For this event, ieja di pilih as emcee for the day .. Haha .. Memang nervous coz ieja bukannya pandai bercakap di hadapan ramai orang .. tapi ieja take this as challenge ;)

So jom enjoy the picture during the event .. Sorry pic tak banyak coz emcee nervous jaga majlis ;p

Awat muncung tuh? hehe .. At the registration counter ..

I love their deco!

With Naa & Hanis Haizi 

My dear partner, Airin with our great mentor, Hanis Haizi

Suka tengok outfit Ain, sangat classy

Pose dari Mr Hubby plak ;)

Our own Karl Lagerfeld, Rawlins & beautiful Farah
Both classy & glam ..

With all the winners .. Semua senyum sampai ke telinga ;)

Me with the grand prize winner .. Syera with her new Chanel Flap handbag .. From dream become reality .. Rezeki tu datang in so many ways, kita just keep berusaha tanpa jemu :)

After the event ..
Cantik kan Hanis Haizi? Adore with her spirit, apa yang Hanis nak, dia akan usahakan sampai dapat .. I wanna be like her too :)

One day, I gonna hold my own Chanel ;)
Soon ....

Kan Airin? ;)

So far event memang happening & looking forward for the next event .. 

Let's join us, GLAMpreneurs .. Fun & happening!!

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