Top 10 Interesting Facts About Shanghai

Friday, 8 February 2013

OMG!! Dah masuk Februari pun kita. Cepat sungguh masa berlalu kan. In just about 3 weeks, we gonna fly to LONDON & PARIS. Super Excited!!

But before that, we have another goooood news for all friends. Our company dah start offer new package, which is the second trip for 2013!! This time we are going to SHANGHAI!!! 

So let's check it out apa yang best about Shanghai ni ..

1. Shopping Paradise

Shanghai has more commercial goods than anywhere in China , making it one of the top shopping centers of Asia. This is a good news for shopaholics. So nanti kita boleh explore Nanjing Road, bandar yang paling busy & popular dengan shopping spot. Di sini popular dengan pelbagai local products dgn harga yang murah2. If you prefer more high-end stuff, the west end part of Nanjing Road as well as other commercial centers in the city can give you just that. Semua ada kan :)

2. Glittering city

Shanghai at night is one sight to behold. Rivaling the glitz of Western capitals like Paris and New York (WOW!!), the city at night is breathtakingly incredible with all the bright and colorful lights and structures. No wonder Shanghai is also known as the ‘Paris of the East’ and the ‘Queen of the Orient’. Wajib kena pergi kan untuk lihat sendiri :)

3. Sweet tooth
People in Shanghai favor the sweet and this is obvious in the dishes they prepare. It is said that more sugar is used in Shanghai than in any other part of China. For us, don't worry, company akan sediakan tempat makan yang halal & at the same time we still have a chance to explore about their food :) Macam masa pergi Guangzhou hari tu, setiap kali makan company bawa 5 star restaurant. Kala pergi sendiri, confirm leceh nak cari & quite expensive. 
4. More people in Shanghai
Just imagine how busy is Shanghai, since there are more people in the city of Shanghai than in New Zealand. Banyangkan, 4 kali ganda New Zealand. Population di Shanghai - 19 million of people vs New Zealand - 4 million of people.

5. The world-famous Shanghai TV Tower
The TV Tower in Shanghai featured in many popular films including ‘Fanstastic Four: Rise of the Silver Sufer,’ ‘Mission Impossible 3’ and ‘Godzilla: Final Wars.’ As well as this the tower commonly referred to as the Oriental Pearl Tower, is consider as a Shanghai symbol.

6. Shanghai has the largest bus system in the world!
There is an incredible 1,424 bus lines! Unsurprisingly, it is the best way to get around this city. It is really cheap too, as it costs 1-2 Yuan per trip. For us, we have our own bus. They will be available to entertain us from morning till late night ;)

7. Shanghai is the most expensive city in China.

Just imagine that we are going there for FREE! How they classified Shanghai the most expensive city? There is a study analyses 400 price points for 160 different products and services in 140 cities. These include the cost of bread, wine, branded cigarettes and unleaded petrol. 

8. Architectural building
The Bund (Waitan) is one of the most noted architectural symbols of Shanghai. The word "Bund" derives from an Anglo-Indian word for an embankment along a muddy waterfront. The Bund in Shanghai was first used when the first British company opened a office there in 1846. The Bund, or the waterfront,is now surrounded by about 50 various buildings of different architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism and the Renaissance. I'm sure we do enjoy taking picture there :)

9. Shanghai acrobatics
The Acrobatics in Shanghai. Normally kita just tengok dalam TV, but now we have a chance to watch it live. They are held every night and will last for 2 hours. Pertunjukan akrobatik telah menjadi salah satu hiburan malam yang paling popular bagi pelancong di Shanghai. Can't wait for this!

10. Cruising on Huangpu River
Huangpu River is the sign of Shanghai. 40 km of the river is within the area of the big Shanghai. It is only about 400 meter wide and 9 meter deep, but it holds about one third of the China's total international trade. It supplies water to the 13 million people in the metropolis and is also important for navigation, fishery, tourism and receiving waste water.

I can’t wait to go there! Tentatively we are going there in this coming June / July 2013. Ieja siap imagine how exciting this trip gonna be. Shopping, having good times and taking pictures of these beautiful scenery with you and my friends !
Since the trip is fully sponsored by company, YOU CAN BE ON THE TRIP TOO!  You may bring your friends on board. FOC!! So, who wants to follow me there?

Just pm me 0124972602 ..

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Anonymous said...

Seriusly for free? Wht kind of biz u r doing?

Anonymous said...

really its free??? what kind of biznes r u doing?? i m interested..

Shaliza Aziz said...

yup, it is free .. I cant pm u for details , perhaps u can pm me at 0124972602 :) will get back to u asap ..

Fazlunarahman said...

Hope I can too be in the flight with you ieja.. :)

Fazlunarahman said...

Best ieja... I want it much to be in the plane.. :))

Shaliza Aziz said...

Kak Fazlun, Im sure u can :) they sky is the limit, so go for it kak .. u will always have my support

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