1 Day To Go For Our London & Paris Trip (2013) !!!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bestnya!!!!! Macam tak percaya je another 1 day to go. Ieja been waiting this moment since last year, and now time to go to LONDON & PARIS!!!!

Bag pun belum packing but so far Alhamdulillah persiapan semua dah siap. Under GLAM, we are going there with 2 buses full, which almost 100 of GLAMpreneurs. Even in our whatssap group, we've been talking about this trip. Talk about our activities, what to wear, what to shop & so many thingsssssss. Kinda excited!!

Since London & Paris is heaven for shopaholic like me & if uolss nak pesan anything just let me know :)

Ieja still remember, before ieja buat biznes ni paling jauh ieja pernah pergi dengan husband was Singapore. Kalau by flight, Kota Kinabalu. Never imagine we could have this opportunity, fly to the most amazing place to visit. Syukur sangat2!

And now I really enjoy holiday back to back 3 times per year :D Fully sponsored trip with 5 star treatment. Sound great right?

And this will be our 4th trip with company since we joined the business last July 2011. Ieja juga consider baru in this business but nothing is impossible since we have very fair business plan. Siapa buat, dia dapat. No such thing as pyramid scheme, kita buat orang atas yang dapat. If that the case, Ieja pun tak merasa la last Holland & Belgium trip, since masa tu ieja baru 4 bulan dalam business.

For those with BIG dream, just wake up & chase your dream while we are still breathing. Life is so short to waste, let's live life to the fullest!!!!

Be part of GLAM today & start your beautiful journey with me :) 

For those contacting me thru Facebook, Instagram, Email or even sms, you will receive a special souvenir from London or Paris. When you contact me doesn't mean that you wajib buat business with me :D just a sharing session or just have a chit chat while having a coffee. At least you will have a better picture about our business before you evaluate more.  We don't do business secara paksaan ;)

See ya guys!!


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