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Friday, 5 April 2013

Hi uolss,

Lama tak update blog since line di rumah ade problem sedikit. Before ieja continue cerita about our trip to London & Paris, ieja nak share my next excitement dulu. hehe

Esok, ieja & my leader, Sha Khalid ade nak buat photoshoot with our next diamonds. Last time buat just bertiga, kali ni lebih excited coz dalam 10 beloved partners. Not only that, this time we are working with big name in the industry. Yahooo!!!

Photoshoot will be with super talented Hafiz Atan, which pernah cover untuk majlis perkahwinan Scha Alyahya & Awal Ashaari. Gambar-gambar by Hafiz memang cantik2. 

While make up for my team will be by tangan berhantu Chika ;) Ieja suka hasil make up Chika which nampak bold & berani. Another reason why ieja suka nak berkerja dengan Chika, coz orangnya yang humble. This gonna be my second time working with Chika. 

To my partners aka my protege Ain, Yong, Airin, Fetty & Eira, let's get ready to shoot. Nervous plak coz ieja ni keras macam batu skit. Wish me the best & will share with uolss later the pictures.

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