Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Business Tips - Facebook, Instagram & Blog

Hi everyone!

Do you have Facebook

How about Instagram

Love to read Blog

I think most of us minimum we have Facebook & Instagram. Even Fariz dah mula berjinak-jinak with Instagram, advance betul budak-budak sekarang kan. Even ieja sendiri tahu about this business and Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM) thru Facebook. I've been following Hanis Haizi & Sha Khalid for almost 4 months before I approach them :)

Tapi pernah tak terbayang yang kita boleh generate income thru this medium? Actually dulu before ieja start business with GLAM, ieja sendiri wonder how this people can generate up to 6 figures income thru this medium in very short period. Contoh Hanis Haizi, income bulanan cecah 6 angka after almost 3 tahun dalam business. Sha Khalid start earning 5 figures after 4 month. Crazy right?

For me ade Facebook just to get connected with friends & family. Without Facebook memang tak jumpa la kawan-kawan lama. Blog memang tak pernah ada before business, tapi ieja suka baca blog orang lain. Tu end up terjebak shopping online kan ;) 

By looking at this Facebook facts, we know that this medium is the best medium to grow our business. Plus it's FREE ;)

The moment ieja start business with GLAM, ieja mula belajar how to generate income from social media. By using FB & Blog, first bonus masa tu RM7,000++. I was shocked when I received the bonus, coz jauh beza dengan gaji yang bekerja 10 jam sehari. Lagi ieja terkejut after 4 months income dah pun 5 figures. Syukur sangat-sangat. 

Selama ni kalau mengadap FB & Blog makin habiskan duit sebab terjebak shopping online, but after buat business dapat duit. Awesome!

Masa nak create blog dulu, ingatkan susah sangat, rupanya senang je. Thanks to my team yang banyak ajar ieja. Yang best about blog we can share anything about our life. For me blog dah macam diari kot, I do share my business journey & also about my family, my interest, my activities etc. Sometimes my son do read my blog too ;) From blog juga ieja dapat ramai unknown customers & business partners. 

More clients by having our own blog 

Tapi kalau kita buat sendiri memang tak nampak caranya. Nak belajar dengan orang luar kena bayar pulak, itupun just sekali. That's why we have our own academy (GLAM). So kat sini kita guide all the entrepreneur step by step. Free training + Free coaching. Kita sahaja yang nak or tidak.

Next phenomenon is Instagram. Just imagine anak ieja Fariz pun dah mula sign up for Instagram. Yang paling ieja terkejut antara yang dia follow is my mentor, Hanis Haizi. So cute ;)

instagram, hanis haizi, shaliza aziz
Baru create a few days ago, so belum ramai yang dia follow :)

I think nowadays user spend more on instagram compare to facebook. Sangat cool, just upload picture. Fast & easy but yet generate more clients for me & other GLAMpreneurs. 

If we already actively using this medium, why not grab this opportunity to generate side income. Bukan hanya dapat income, boleh dapat FREE trip 3 kali setahun & elaun kereta. Contoh macam bimmer ieja, company yang bayarkan thru car fund. Then, for FREE trip kita akan ke GOLD COAST!!

Kalau boleh dapat lebih, kenapa nak kurang kan :) Kalau yang kurang pakar pun ade peluang yang sama, hanya perlu belajar. Even yang dah pandai pun, actually ilmu tak pernah cukup sebab tu kita kena belajar sampai ke liang lahad.

For me I am grateful that I took this opportunity a year ago. Today I'm working anywhere, anytime by using this medium. No more headache nak kejar dateline boss bagi :)

For those interested to know how, just pm me & I will share. 

See ya!

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