Monday, 15 July 2013

Crown Diamond Manager Shaliza Aziz


After 1 year ++ with this Premium Beautiful business & GLAM, I am now officially a Crown Diamond Manager! The highest level in our business :) Entry ni ieja nak share dari last week, tapi tak kesampaian. So hari ni ieja nak share about our GLAM celebration.

It's not an easy journey but I am glad because we have a strong support team & I have never been alone from the day one. Million thanks to my mentor & leader, CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Sha Khalid, yang dah banyak guide & bentuk ieja sehingga ke hari ini. Tak lupa juga to my supportive husband, Mohd Ridhuan, anak kesayangan, Fariz Eskandar, to my beautiful & dedicated partners & last but not least to my beloved family. Such a beautiful journey!

It is everyone's dream to be a Crown Diamond Manager (CDM) when we start this business. Apart of the 5 figures monthly income [Hanis Haizi 6 figures uolss ;)], drive our own luxury dream car, travel for free around the world but we also have the opportunity to guide others to achieve the same! 

Kita bukan senang seorang, kita boleh share the same achievement with others. 

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM
Thanks to all my business partners, celebration sangat meriah :)

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

This time bukan celebrate ieja sahaja. We do celebrate another three of my business partners, DDM Nurul Ain & DDM Norain for their achievement on the second highest rank in our business, bakal DDM Mohd Ridhuan aka my beloved hubby for his 100G achievement. So proud with them. Congrats everyone!

This 100G achievement for those achieved sales RM100,000 in a month. This achievement bukan buat seorang, we do as a team. Ieja ingat lagi masa ieja achieve this 100G dulu, masa tu baru 4 bulan buat business. Masih mentah lagi ;) 

Gambar selingan ;) mengimbau masa lalu 

Next celebration is for DDM Nurul Ain aka Yong from Kedah. She is also leader for our GLAM Penang training class. 

Yong ni actually anak buah husband ieja. Masa share peluang business ni sebab fikir nak bantu Yong cari side income. Masa tu gaji Yong dalam RM500 sahaja. Lagi best kan bila kita dapat share business dengan family. She started this business at very young age, about 23 years old, after a year in this business she earn almost 5 figures income, been travelling with me for free to Vietnam, Guangzhou, London, Paris & soon to Korea & Gold Coast

Very soon she will complete her car fund. Just imagine umur 20an dapat drive own luxury car, tak perlu cari suami kaya kan ;) Yang penting lebih puas coz dari usaha sendiri.

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM
Congrats Yong!
CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

Next achiever is DDM Norain, from Johor. Ain ni kawan MRSM ieja dulu, but we never to talk to each other masa sekolah. Ingatkan masa tu Ain ni sombong, rupanya memang pendiam ;) 

Alhamdulillah, from facebook we meet again & now she is one of the leader for GLAM Johor. Biarpun Ain dah punya gaji yang agak selesa, tapi still ambil peluang generate side income dengan GLAM. And now her side income is more than her salary. Best kan!

Apart of her DDM achievement, Ain has completed her 100G & car fund incentive. Now tak sabar nak tunggu her dream car keluar pulak ;) She has been travelling with me for free since Guangzhou, London, Paris & soon Korea & Gold Coast with her business partners. 

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM
Congrats Ain!

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

This is why I'm in LOVE with this business ;)

We never be alone. Buat business sama-sama, berjaya pun sama-sama. Business yang sangat adil.

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

CDM Shaliza Aziz_GLAM

Thanks to all my partners yang datang during the celebration. Ada dari Utara, Johor & of course Klang Valley. Thanks for your gift & surprise. Terharu sangat. Apa yang ieja rasa hari ini, itu gambaran masa depan uolss. Just follow step by step, confirm akan dapat yang sama :)

Thanks to Hanis Haizi & GLAM for the Prada handbag. To Sha Khalid thanks for the Victoria Secret & also jam tangan tu. Thanks for everything.

InsyaAllah, after this ieja akan cuba lahirkan lebih ramai GLAMpreneur yang cemerlang.


Photos credit to Abdul Azim & Hafiz Atan.

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