Photoshoot with The Diamond Circle Ladies

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dalam sorting email tadi, baru perasan ieja belum share lagi gambar photoshoot with Hafiz Atan that we did last few months. Actually ada a few pictures belum dapat lagi, so for today ieja share our close up picture. Photoshoot ni saje suka-suka for our business profile. Plus just have fun with my buddies ;)

Photoshoot done by Hafiz Atan. Hafiz Atan one of the best photographer for me. Senang bekerja dengan beliau since dah kenal. Start kenal Hafiz Atan masa our trip to Vietnam. Orangnya giler-giler & peramah. Kalau masa shoot tu memang asyik gelak je la. Kalau uolss pernah tengok gambar-gambar Scha Al-Yahya nikah hari tu, tu shoot by him. 

Cantik kan :)

Our MUA pula by Chika, sangat meletops. Chika ni selalu make up artist & actually ieja jumpa about Chika from gambar Rozita Che Wan. Memang minat Cik Ta, sebab di usia begitu Cik Ta still mantain cantik :) Kalau uolss nak make up dengan Chika, just contact 019-6760153 / 016-6053282

Now our photos ;) Gambar macam sedikit kaku since most of us memang tak biasa berphotoshoot. Ada background engineers, bankers, housewife etc. Dah memang jelas photoshoot bukan dalam our jobs description hehe .. 


DSM Airin Diana
Full time engineer with 2 kids
Part time Glampreneur
She will be flying to Korea with me next month
Earning more than her salary from this business

DSM Eira 
From Kedah, a housewife she become a Glampreneur
Earning 4 figures income from home
Now tengah sarat pregnant anak no 2

DSM Fetty Aura
A banker & also part time Glampreneur
90% of her clients & partners are from her Blog & Facebook

DDM Ain Zulkarnaind
My left wing & my next CDM 
At 25 years old, she has been traveled to 5 countries for FREE with me
A leader for GLAM Utara

DDM Norain 
My right wing & my next CDM 
Full time engineer at oil & gas company
Mother of 2 girls
Part time glampreneur with 5 figures income
One of leader for GLAM Johor

Last but not least, myself ;)
CDM Shaliza Aziz
A founder for The Diamond Circle
One of the Business Mentor & Motivational Speaker for GLAM

 I'm glad to have all these ladies as my business partners. Maybe end of this year, ieja will arrange another photoshoot with other partners. We are not only as partners but our relationship is more like a family. Thanks guys for trusting me & have this beautiful journey with me. Tanpa partners & clients, siapa la ieja kan :)

For those interested to be part of our team, just contact anyone of us.

A little step may be the beginning of a great journey.


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