Gold Coast, Australia - February 2014!!!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gold Coast 15th to 21st Feb 2014!!

Another 2 months je. Pejam celik, confirm sekejap je masa berlalu. Yang paling excited, ni first time ever travel during my birthday month. Opss lupa, hubby pun birthday in Feb, so celebrate sama di sana. Not only that, my partner Ain will celebrate her anniversary with hubby there + Suhaili will celebrate her birthday too with us. Awesome!!

Teringat dulu my friend honeymoon ke sana, masa tu ieja & hubby honeymoon dalam Malaysia jer. Alhamdulillah soon sampai juga ke sana. Seronok dapat peluang selalu honeymoon ni ;) 

This gonna be my 6th FREE Trip & this time lagi ramai from my previous trip to Korea. More than 10 The Diamond Cirlce partners will be flying there with me for FREE. Confirm havoc!!

For those yang miss this trip, jangan risau. We have 2 - 3 times free trip per year. Banyak kan? So far dalam team GLAM, we always the highest number of qualifiers, for last trip to SEOUL, KOREA about 200 GLAMpreneurs. Bila ramai makin havoc & best! Plus ini bukti kejayaan too di dalam GLAM. 

So anyone wanna follow me for the next trip? Just text me & I will share the details. 

See ya!!

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