2013 Journey of Shaliza Aziz

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I had a beautiful 2013. 

My life changed a lots after being a GLAMpreneur. Alhamdulillah.

Enjoy the pictures & stories about my journey ...

January 2013

1. I was being selected to represent GLAM & company for Bella Talk Show.

Meeting with Media Prima. 
Alhamdulillah, 4 of us were selected to represent the company & GLAM.

2. Anugerah SM/SSM
Congrats to all partners yang berjaya mencapai pangkat Sales Manager & Senior Sales Manager!

3. Dear Hanis Haizi Chanel Party (click here)

This time ieja jadi emcee ;)
Congrats for all the winners. Semua yang menang dapat Chanel, pitam!!

February 2013

1. Our birthday month!!!

Normally during birthday kami just keluar makan sama. Kali ni jauh sikit, from KL to Cameron Highlands just to spend time together. Oppss of course with Fariz too :)

March 2013

1. London & Paris trip!!! 

Ni antara kenangan terindah dalam hidup. Banyak nak cerita, just click at below links ;)

April 2013

1. Photoshoot with The Diamond Circle (click here)

May 2013

1. My first appearance in media!!

If you missed the episode, just click at my video below.
First time masuk TV, jadi macam kaku sedikit ;)

2. GLAM Private Hi tea with Jovian Mandagie (click here)

3. Achievement as Crown Diamond Manager!! (click here)

Finally after 1 year ++ I am officially a Crown Diamond Manager after closing of May 2013. 

June 2013

1. Our family trip to Universal Studio Singapore (click here)

July 2013

1. Diamond Night celebration (click here)

2. GLAM Iftar di J.W. Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

August 2013

1. Anugerah SM/SSM cycle 2

September 2013

1. Korea here we come!!

October 2013

1. GLAM Expansion to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (click here)

November 2013

1. GLAM Dinner - Hollywood GLAM Night  (click here)

Stay tune for the official video soon ;)

December 2013

1. Beautiful Day with GLAM & Rizman Ruzaini (click here)

My first time being a project manager & Alhamdulillah the event went well.

2. BFF Trip to Paris - Florence - Rome

Btw, I haven't blogging about this trip. So much fun when we traveled with people yang sekepala. We had a short course there to attend & the rest of the time was our shopping time ;)

3. RizmanRuzaini.Com launching (click here)

I received the invitation after back from Europe trip. Penutup for 2013 :) This time Ieja bawa bakal DDM Olyn & Airin to that event. We really have a great time that night.

2013 dalam kenangan & I am now ready for 2014. 

Lebih cemerlang & gemilang. Amin!!

Thank you Allah. 

Thank you hubby & family.

Thank you GLAM.

Thank you everyone.

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