Reasons to Wear Premium Beautiful Corset

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Premium Beautiful corset has been in the market for more than 20 years and has benefited many women out there. This is the corset that all women should have in their wardrobe. 

Recently we have launched a new series, called Premium Beautiful Elegance. They have similar function but Premium Beautiful Elegance fabric is more flexible and comes with beautiful embroidery.

Premium Beautiful Elegance vs Premium Beautiful Classic

Reasons to wear Premium Beautiful corset:

1. Immediate body shaping effect

Reduce your body shape & maintain it just by wearing it as your lingerie. The BEST lingerie for me & everyone.

2. Maintain good posture & body shape

Suitable for those with back pain problem or slip disc. 

3. Improve blood circulation

This improves oxygen circulation in our body as blood carries the oxygen. Keep you energetic & improve your health.

4. Enhance metabolism

This is due to the fact that the technology of Far Infra Red is woven into the fabric of highest quality. Help to burn calories, you can burn fat, even without any movement, while wearing Premium Beautiful. This concept is similar to sauna but with Premium Beautiful, you don't feel the sweat since the fabric absorb it very well.

5. To get smooth body curves

Immediate shaping result and immediate you will get smooth body curves. No more lemak bertingkat-tingkat ;) You will be amaze with the result & stay confident with your shape.

My latest Premium Beautiful testimony from Rawang.

6. Maintain freshness of body & prevent bacterial growth

7. Release sweat acid and reduce acid content in the blood.

Don't worry about being wet. Premium Beautiful will keep us dry because the fabric will absorb the sweat very well. Keep us dry at all the time.

8. Help to balance temperature of the body.

I'm not only wearing Premium Beautiful here, in Malaysia but also when travelling, either in Asia or Europe. Really help to balance temperature of my body against their weather. This is because of Premium Beautiful fabric, Akwatek Akwadyne.

Technologies allow fabrics to thermoregulate, such as Akwatek Akwadyne and Outlast, control the atmosphere next to the skin, controlling temperature and comfort.

How Akwatek Akwadyne control the temperature 

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