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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Journeys are made by the people we travel with ...

Ieja suka with this quote, for me I am totally agree. Travel with my husband, business partners (The Diamond Circle) & also GLAM members memang fun. From time to time the bonding become stronger. After ieja sort all photos, ieja akan share our activity sepanjang di Shanghai. Seriously Shanghai cantik, nyaman & sesuai for kaki shopping. hehe

Here are some teaser. Stay tune for the next entry :)

Cyclist at Hankou Road ;)

Next to Huang Pu River. Huang Pu river ni memisahkan Shanghai Old City (The Bund side) & Shanghai New City (Oriental Pearl Tower side)

TDC in Shanghai!! Suka betul pose gediks, maafkan kami ;) Just having fun together.

They also called Masjed. Take a break for Zuhur & Asar prayer.

Our Day 3 with blue theme. Ni depan our hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel. Recommended for your stay in Shanghai. 

Setiap hari makan di restaurant yang berbeza. Ni pic after makan, thats why nampak happy terlebih. hehe

Jiujiaochang Road, next to Chenghuang Miao Market. One of the shopping attraction in Shanghai.

Tianmai Jade Jewelry Expo Center. Mostly cakap tak nak la beli. Tapi after masuk semua sakan memborong jade. Kalau kat luar beli belum tentu original coz kita tahu China memang hebat bab barang tiruan.

Our GLAM Lelaki in Chinese costume. 

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If you wanna be my next travel partners, jangan malu-malu to contact me. Ieja dulu tak pernah imagine untuk capai macam sekarang. Anything is possible. Tak rugi kalau uolss bertannya, mana tahu you will be flying with me to the next trip to Vienna & Budapest this coming Jan 2015.


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