Coffee Session with Prime Minister, DS Najib Razak

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

On last 13 Oct 2014, I had a dinner with special officer to our Prime Minister (DS Najib Razak), Dato' Amhari Effendi & Yayasan 1Malaysia CEO, Noorhaina Hirawani. With me another 4 representatives from different industry. Actually not a formal dinner, just to have a chat & to share our opinion about current cost of living, budget 2015, GST, social media & what we do. I may not the right person to talk about this. But that discussion based on our view not to public as general. 

With Fara, Editor to Property.Guru :)
Very young lady but I impress with her experience. Masa ni baru kenal

We started our dinner at 8.30pm at Wonder Mama, Bangsar. Hubby drop me there. Wonder Mama (Bangsar Village) is one of my favorite place for makan-makan with my family actually. I did share in my previous post (click here). Masa received invitation pun dah surprise because that dinner just at cafe. No protocol & not that formal (looking at their title hehe). 

When meet them for the dinner, both very humble & easy going. That dinner & discussion went very well. We do expressed our own view on this issue and for me I do agree that the cost of living is increasing. That's the reason I am in this business today :)

While having our dinner & have a chat, Noorhaina informed us that our Prime Minister will be joining us later. Everyone get a shock. Dari seronok makan terus rasa kenyang. Of course I feel a bit nervous. Dapat pula tahu PM will be sitting next to me. This is my first time to meet our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Razak in person. Some of them have meet him before, especially the guys. For me & Fara first time.

When PM arrived at Bangsar Village at 9.30pm, a lots of people start to approach him for photo. His bodyguard memang ramai. But so far he entertained them. Public figure have to be friendly kan :) I wonder how some Malaysian artist macam sombong with their fans. PM pun friendly. For me I feel so lucky because I had the opportunity to have a private coffee session (since everyone tak nak makan) with him. Tak perlu berebut nak ambil gambar ;)

Then we continue with the chat. But not that long, because we only had about 1 hour++ with him before he left for another meeting. Can't imagine how hectic schedule as PM. Ada juga borak about other topics :) About his life, food, social media trending etc. I have a better view and also clarification for some issue from the meeting. Overall that session is very good. An open discussion without any political interest or our position, since five of us just an ordinary rakyat. For me, Ieja rasa selesa during the discussion sebab tak formal & santai.  I think he wants to hear our voice directly. That is the purpose of the dinner.

Btw I would like to thank to Noorhaina Hirawani, Serina Sue & Amir from Yayasan 1Malaysia for having me for the session. For me it is an opportunity of my lifetime. My hubby cakap even dia selalu meeting with menteri pun tak dapat that kind of opportunity. If I'm not in this business maybe I will not have this opportunity too. 

So here some of the photos, mostly from instagram. 

Untung duduk sebelah, semua gambar our Prime Minister, DS Najib Razak mesti ada gambar Ieja :)

From left, En Hashim, an economist, Cik Fara, PropertyGuru editor, Dr Faiz from education industry, Redza Minhat from entertainment industry & me from MLM industry. Persamaan antara kami berlima we use social media as our platform.

He was asking me,my favorite dessert at Wonder Mama hehe

Nervous ambil gambar with PM. Tu shaky. With me, Noorhaina

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