Bamboo Salt

What Is Bamboo Salt

Bamboo Salt uses 100% organic sun-dried salt generated by the vast underground ore cluster at Yeonpyeong Island and Hyeongjun Peninsular, West Coast of Korea. The natural salt is poured into a 3-year old bamboo tube and sealed by unpolluted yellow clay. Sealed bamboo tube will be incinerated in kiln with pine firewood to melt and harden the natural salt into a column. While processing, not only harmful substances (such as heavy metals and chemical substances) have been removed but the nutritional value has also been enriched.

What Are The Benefit 

  • Removes toxins (such as heavy metals, chemical substances, germs, metabolic wastes, acid toxicity, free radicals)
  • Enhances intestinal peristalsis and eliminates sedimentary waste
  • Provides minerals and trace elements
  • Regulates biological mechanisms and body systems
  • Regulates acid-base balance and restores body alkalinity
  • Improves restorative capacity

Suitable For



High Blood Pressure


How To Consume?

Mix one sachet of Hai-O Bamboo Salt Premier Drink with 200ml warm water or fruit juice and serve after stirred well.

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