Premium Beautiful Corset

What is Premium Beautiful?

Premium Beautiful is the No. 1 best-selling health corset in Malaysia. It uses and is embedded with F.I.R technology mainly for improving blood circulation, stabilized the hormone, helping in reducing the weight and increase metabolism rate. It has helped thousands of Malaysian women rediscover their beauty, confidence and become healthier in the process!

The Premium Beautiful corset is divided into three main pieces

Long Bra

Premium Beautiful, Promosi, Murah, Long Bra, Harga Murah, Hanis Haizi, Hai-O Marketing

Waist Nipper

Premium Beautiful, Promosi, Murah, Waist Nipper, Harga Murah, Hanis Haizi, Hai-O Marketing

Long Girdle

Premium Beautiful, Promosi, Murah, Long Girdle, Harga Murah, Hanis Haizi, Hai-O Marketing

 Some features are:-

* Special Design corset for 70% health & 30% beauty

* Helps to improve blood circulation and metabolism including shaping the body

* Lifetime warranty!!

* Comfortable and easy to wear (Flexible)

* Embedded with Far Infrared Rays technology (F.I.R)

* Recommended by American Chiropractic Association

F.I.R - Far Infrared Rays, what is it?

Far Infrared Ray is one of the energy wave that is contained in Sunlight. Unlike that of Ultraviolet & Microwaves which is harmful, F.I.R has positive effect and is proven to be beneficial to humans. F.I.R is widely accepted as alternative therapy for various diseases.

Reference** :

Why Should I wear it?

* Been in the market for more than 15 years 
* Proven method to help shape women's body to be more attractive and sexy.
* Includes F.I.R creates a complete synergy which helps to shape the women's body, assists in reducing & maintaining a healthy weight
* To improve blood circulation
* To increase metabolism

How to Measure?

*Cara untuk ukur Premium Beautiful (please click here)

Some testimonials of my Premium Beautiful corset clients:-

* For post-delivery or during confinement
* For your wedding day outfit
* For back-pain & slip disc patients
* Helps with cyst/fibroid patients
* Used by Asthma patients and helps to alleviate asthma attacks
* Reduces post-delivery stretch marks
* Increases and improves firmness of the breast & buttocks
* Reduce constipation
* Helping people to conceive
* Reduce period pain

And many more benefits…!!!

Premium Beautiful, Promosi, Murah, Long Bra, Waist Nipper, Long Girdle, Harga Murah, Hanis Haizi, Hai-O Marketing, Testimonial

Premium Beautiful, Promosi, Murah, Long Bra, Waist Nipper, Long Girdle,

Premium Beautiful, Promosi, Murah, Long Bra, Waist Nipper, Long Girdle,

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cik natasya (: said...

Teringin nak ada body yang menawan . Hopely to be slim :)

Shaliza Aziz said...

Cik Natasya boleh try dulu :) confirm slim ..

cik natasya (: said...

Harga dia berapa ye ?

Anonymous said...

I am very happy with the corsets, for few days it was little uncomfortable because its material is hard something like bone lol. But anyways it is awesome now. I wear it with my tight fitting top, it gives me proper shape. Thanks for your tips and awesome blog.

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